Longford's Ice Cream, authentic Gelato, fresh fruit Sorbet and frozen yogurt hold a unique place in today's frozen confectionary market. Longford's products are served by the finest restaurants, country clubs, caterers and hotels.

From our kitchens to yours, Longford's award-winning flavor engineers will provide you with the smoothest and most delicious frozen desserts you and your customers will ever taste! Longford’s commitment to using only premium quality ingredients ensures an exceptional product and their superior service and fair pricing has firmly established Longford’s within the tri-state hospitality industry.
Longford’s Small Batch Ice Cream

Hand crafted in small batches using the finest ingredients, Longford’s super premium ice cream sets the award-winning standard of excellence in today’s frozen confection market.

We use only the finest cream, imported vanilla, cocoas, fruit extracts, purees and nuts in our ice cream. You’ll also find that the same high quality ingredients make our sorbets taste sensational!

Served by the finest restaurants, private clubs, caterers and hotels, Longford’s Own-Made super premium ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt is also available at select ice cream parlours. Premium quality ingredients make Longford’s a scoop above the rest!

Taste the silky creaminess and delight in the carnival of flavors you’ll discover in Longford’s Own-Made taste treats. We can even create a signature flavor for that special event. The result is simply extraordinary!

Hand crafted goodness straight from our kitchen to yours!
2.5 gallon tubs (10 quarts)

2020 Ice Cream Flavor Descriptions (check for availability)

• Apple Caramel Crumb**- spiced apple ice cream, cinnamon crumb topping and caramel swirl
• Banana - pureed ripened bananas blended in our natural sweet cream
• Butter Pecan - sweet and crunchy pecans in a burnt sugar background
• Black Raspberry - dark rich black raspberry fruit blended in sweet cream
• Black Raspberry Choc Chunk - dark rich black raspberry fruit blended in super crème with chocolate chunks folded in
• Bear Tracks- vanilla ice cream with praline pecans and heath bars, brownie dough and caramel
• Candy Shoppe - sweet cream mixed with M&M's, Nestle Crunch, Twix & Kit Kat candy
• Cannoli – cannoli ice cream with chocolate chips and broken cannoli shells
• Caramel with Sea Salt - caramel ice cream swirled with a river of salted caramel
• Cherry Vanilla – bing cherries in sweet cream
• Chocolate Chip - semi sweet chocolate drops dipped in our all natural vanilla
• Chocolate Caramel Crackle - ribbon of caramel swirled in chocolate ice cream with chocolate rice krispies
• Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough- drops of chocolate chip cookies floating in our own pure vanilla ice cream
• Chocolate - rich chocolate ice cream in our own coca blend
• Chocolate Chocolate Chunk - chocolate ice cream with chocolate drops
• Cinnamon - cinnamon spice in sweet cream
• Coconut Mounds - coconut flakes and semi sweet chocolate chunks in coconut ice cream
• Cotton Candy - pink & blue cotton candy flavored ice cream
• Coffee - true honey sweetened creamy smooth coffee ice cream
• Coffee Chunk - coffee ice cream with chocolate morsels
• Cookie Monster - blue vanilla with chocolate chip cookie chunks
• Cranberry Gingersnap**- sugared cranberry ice cream with broken gingersnap cookies
• Creamsicle**- vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet, layered
• Espresso Nugget- light coffee ice cream with chocolate covered espresso candy pillows
• Georgia Peach** - peach flavored ice cream with peach chunks
• Graham Slam - vanilla ice cream with cracker swirl and honey comb candy
• Irish Cream**- Irish cream flavored ice cream
• Kahlua Brownie Crunch- Kahlua liquor with brownie dough and heath bar
• Lemon Pie** - lemon ice cream with cookie pieces
• Maple Walnut** - maple flavored ice cream with walnuts
• Mint Chocolate Chip - mint ice cream with semi sweet chocolate chunks
• Mint Oreo Bomb- Oreo chunks blended by hand in oreo/mint background
• Mud Pie - coffee ice cream with broken oreo and fudge ripple
• Nutella – chocolate hazelnut spread mixed in to sweet cream
• No Sugar Added Vanilla - no sugar added
• Olive Oil – sweet cream blended with olive oil
• Oreo Bomb - Oreo chunks blended by hand in vanilla/oreo background
• Party Cake - cake batter flavor with blue icing
• Peanut Butter Blizzard – white chocolate ice cream with peanut butter chips and peanut butter swirl
• Peanut Butter Cup - peanut butter ice cream with chopped chocolate peanut butter cups
• Pink Tutu – pink vanilla with crushed choc chip cookies and pink & purple sprinkles
• Pure Pistachio - real whole roasted salted pistachios in pistachio flavored ice cream
• Peppermint Stick - red and green mintettes in pink vanilla
• Pumpkin Pie** - allspice and cinnamon flavored pumpkin puree ice cream
• Reese’s Nightmare - chocolate peanut butter ice cream with Reese’s peanut butter cups
• Rocky Road- chocolate ice cream with almonds and marshmallow
• Rum Raisin- rum flavored ice cream with plump raisins and rum sauce
• Salted Caramel Oreo – salted caramel ice cream with broken Oreo cookies and salted caramel swirl
• Strawberry - strawberries and cream
• S’mores - chocolate ice cream with graham cracker and chocolate chips with marshmallow
• Sweet Tooth – vanilla Ice cream with Oreo, mini M&M’s, choc chips, malted milk ball, caramel swirl
• Toasted Almond - almond flavor ice cream with roasted salted almond pieces
• Tahitian Vanilla - Tahitian vanilla beans in super premium sweet cream
• Vanilla - bourbon all natural vanilla super premium ice cream
** Seasonal flavors*

Sorbet Flavor Descriptions (Dairy Free)
• Blue Raspberry Ice- raspberry flavor with a punch of wild blue color, frozen smooth
• Cherry Ice – cherry flavor with red color, frozen smooth
• Key Lime Sorbet- juiced key limes blended with sweetener and fresh mineral water
• Lemon Sorbet- lemon juice and zest blended with sweetener and fresh mineral water
• Mango Sorbet- captured mango fruit puree churned with sweetener and fresh mineral water
• Mandarin Orange Sorbet- mandarin orange sections mashed and blended with sweetener and fresh mineral water
• Raspberry Sorbet- raspberry fruit puree churned with sweetener, lime and fresh mineral water

Yogurt Flavor Descriptions
• Cappuccino Chunk Yogurt- low fat light coffee active yogurt and chocolate chips
• Vanilla Chip Yogurt- low fat vanilla with active yogurt and chocolate chips

Vegan Flavor Descriptions (Dairy Free)
• Cookies and Cream - coconut base with broken chocolate sandwich cookies
German Chocolate – coconut base with rich dark chocolate

• Blackberry Cabernet Fresh Fruit Sorbet
• Blood Orange Fresh Fruit Sorbet
• Black Currant Fresh Fruit Sorbet
• Chocolate Fresh Fruit Sorbet
• Coconut Fresh Fruit Sorbet
• Lemon Fresh Fruit Sorbet
• Mango Fresh Fruit Sorbet
• Mixed Berry Fresh Fruit Sorbet
• Passion Fruit Fresh Fruit Sorbet
• Pear Ginger Fresh Fruit Sorbet
• Raspberry Fresh Fruit Sorbet
• Strawberry Fresh Fruit Sorbet
• Watermelon Fresh Fruit Sorbet
• Caramel Authentic Gelato
• Chocolate Authentic Gelato
• Nutella (Choc Hazelnut) Authentic Gelato
• Coconut Authentic Gelato
• Espresso Authentic Gelato
• Fresh Mint Chunk Gelato
• Pistachio Authentic Gelato
• Strawberry Authentic Gelato
• Tahitian Vanilla Authentic Gelato
• White Chocolate Truffle Gelato