Longford's Ice Cream, authentic Gelato, fresh fruit Sorbet and frozen yogurt hold a unique place in today's frozen confectionary market. Longford's products are served by the finest restaurants, country clubs, caterers and hotels.

From our kitchens to yours, Longford's award-winning flavor engineers will provide you with the smoothest and most delicious frozen desserts you and your customers will ever taste! Longford’s commitment to using only premium quality ingredients ensures an exceptional product and their superior service and fair pricing has firmly established Longford’s within the tri-state hospitality industry.


Made with the finest cream, pure cane sugar, imported vanilla, rich cocoas, and premium ingredients, Longford’s Ice Cream is churned in small batches, allowing for the freshest, creamiest, tastiest real ice cream produced in the northeast.

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At Longford's we make authentic European-styled gelatos, carefully crafted by hand in small batches for the most intense flavor. We learned the craft from Italian artisans who taught us how to carefully choose natural ingredients such as vanillas, chocolates, caramels and hand-picked nuts. Made with low butterfat cream and very little air, Longford's Authentic Gelato is smooth, velvety and gentle to the palate. The result is a truly deep, rich and flavorful experience.

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Longford's blends the finest fresh fruit and fruit purees with pure sweetness, bringing the true essence of each sorbet to the forefront. The lighter texture and vibrant colors are matched only by the wonderfully intense flavors. Custom flavors are always being created.

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Longford's brand of nonfat frozen yogurt that even the avid ice cream lover will enjoy. Longford's is made with premium ingredients and specially blended into a silky consistency and rich taste. Crafted with one of the highest counts of beneficial live natural yogurt cultures, Longford's is proven to ensure proper intestinal balance needed for a healthy digestion. Longford's is made from pure culture and contains less than .5% of dairy butterfat per serving, allowing many lactose intolerant individuals to enjoy. And it is low in fat and gluten free – making for a truly healthful alternative to ice cream.