“Even on the coldest day in winter,” says Jay Muse from Pâtisserie Lulu, “I’d have to say my favorite dessert would be Longford’s black raspberry ice cream.” This vote is no small matter, coming from a pastry chef who is surrounded by exquisite desserts all day, every day. “It’s got a high butterfat content. But when I think of all the fancy desserts around here, I would still choose Longford’s. It just always makes you feel good to eat it. It’s just always right.” We couldn’t agree more.

Keep your Cold Stone. To heck with your Häagen-Dazs. The richest, creamiest ice cream we’ve ever tasted is concocted right in Port Chester. Unlike those mass-produced brands, Longford’s makes its ice cream and sorbet in small batches, with seasonal ingredients and dairy high in butterfat to ensure the silky texture that calls out to us on summer nights.


"When it came to my ice cream and sorbets, I could have purchased the finest dairy, the freshest fruits, nuts and flavorings or just simply call Longford's Ice Cream and be equally satisfied... Thank you for providing me with superior service and product."
Thomas A. Gumple, Lecturing Pastry Chef Culinary Institute of America

"Distributed locally, creamy Longford's ice creams made the best dessert. Chocolate crackle, honey coffee, even plain vanilla - all had merit."
M.H. Reed, The New York Times

"Everything is homemade and had a nice flavor... especially when topped with luscious Longford's vanilla ice cream."
John Mariani, Gannett